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For scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who hope not only to survive but also to thrive despite all signs to the contrary, more developing stories that receive short shrift, or even no shrift, in corporate reportage, first of all an assessment from The AntiMedia about growing Mexican protests that absolutely constitute and uprising and arguably verge on open rebellion, all of which emanate from such sacrosanct aspects of present social and political affairs as the North American Free Trade Agreement, the sickening hypocrisy of the so-called ‘War on Drugs,’ and other such bellwethers of established ideation, an article that appears in longer form in today’s BlackListed News report, an embodied narrative that in turn fits perfectly with likely countless other reportage of the present pass, all of which result from the bedrock crises of the current order, to wit, first, an item from Information Clearinghouse that channels material from The Saker about the orchestrated attacks on Donald Trump, second, a piece from Vice News that covers some of the same ground, third, another similar briefing  from The Atlantic that provides a sympathetic account of Buzzfeed’s original profferal in this regard, and fourth, from our ‘paper of record’ a breaking-news analysis about revelations that the U.S. Inspector General is now investigating at least one aspect of James Comey’s pre-election behavior.

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In the more reactionary and backward parts of the United States, today is the earliest day in celebration of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, an ‘antidote’ to commemorating Martin Luther King a few days subsequently; a Burmese leader, Bayinnaung, four

CC BY-NC-ND by Prachatai

hundred sixty-three years ago became emperor en route to guiding his administration to the creation of the largest empire in Southeast Asian history; another century and eleven years along time’s arc, in 1665, the French mathematician and thinker Pierre de Fermat executed his last algorithm and exited; exactly sixty-four years henceforth, in 1729, a baby boy was being born who would mature into conservative thinker and writer Edmund Burke; MORE HERE

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pfunked Deviant Art
pfunked Deviant Art

Perhaps a key component of an ethical persona would be a powerful, plausibly irresistible attraction to those who are seeking truth in all the paradoxical parameters of the term; be that as it may, however, an equivalent measure of the moral muster must also consist of fleeing in terror from those who pronounce, as much humorlessly as witlessly, that they have certainly discovered the sources of complete and accurate knowledge and understanding, especially given that such a discovery guarantees that the search has ended.

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I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing. Agatha Christie
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Numero Uno“Unfortunately or otherwise, people are prone to believe in the reality of the things they think ought to be so.  This comes of the cheery optimism which is innate with life itself; and, while it may sometimes be deplored, it must never be censured, for, as a rule, it is productive of more good than harm, and of about all the achievement there is in the world.  There are cases where this optimism has been disastrous, as with the people who lived in Pompeii during its last quivering days; or with the aristocrats of the time of Louis XVI, who confidently expected the Deluge to overwhelm their children, or their children’s children, but never themselves.  But there is small likelihood that the case of perverse optimism here to be considered will end in such disaster, while there is every reason to believe that the great change now manifesting itself in society will be as peaceful and orderly in its culmination as it is in its present development. MORE HERE

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From the estimable reporters at Real News Network, clearly capable of actual journalism, a brilliant interview with a Chicago public intellectual and activist about the reality of Barack-the-Magnificent’s legacy, a critically important assessment for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens inasmuch as the roughly irrefutable conclusion of the exchange is that President Obama came into office and remained throughout his term an inveterate neoliberal hack whose primary constituency was billionaires and bankers, analysis that exists in conjunction with and contrast to a briefing from World Economic Forum about its most recent report, which conveys alarm at horrendous difficulties facing humanity, and its rulers, along five distinct fronts, an examination that in its expression then dovetails chillingly with William Binney’s explication in another TruthDig video that the so-called ‘Russian Hack’ is a fraud and the cybersecurity terror tantrums that accompany it are a boondoggle and a swindle, all of which form a substrate that is essential to comprehend a mediation of Donald Trump’s first press conference, a ‘spectacle’ that Information Clearinghouse makes available in its entirety.

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From Wednesday’s Files

Sessions’ Police-State Blues for Lawyers – http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/why-lawyers-are-freaking-out-about-jeff-sessions-as-ag-w460272

Trump’s Most Interesting Appointment

BREAKING: Outspoken Vaccine Skeptic, RFK Jr. to Head Federal ‘Vaccine Commission’



student writing arm


Iceland Writers Retreat

Reykjavík, Iceland

The 2017 Iceland Writers Retreat for fiction writers and creative nonfiction writers will be held from April 5 to April 9 in the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura in Reykjavík


The Screenwriting Lab also helps to further the careers of its Fellows by introducing them to film industry veterans who can offer guidance on both the craft and business of screenwriting. Each Screenwriting Fellow will be paired with a Creative Advisor, with whom they’ll work one-on-one and in Lab sessions to further develop their project over the course of the program. The Screenwriting Lab is open to any writer applying with a completed draft of a feature-length project they wish to workshop during the program, with an eye toward production. Beyond the application fee, there is no cost or tuition to participate in any of Film Independent’s Artist Development programs. Location Los Angeles. The fellowship includes a $10,000 cash grant as well as inclusion in the Screenwriting Lab.


Freelance Copy-Editors

Kensington Publishing is seeking experienced freelance copy-editors and proofreaders for Lyrical Press, their e-book original imprint.  Duties will include copy-editing and/or proofreading novella-length and full-length fiction projects in multiple genres, including romances of all kinds, women’s fiction, mysteries and thrillers.


A Smashing the State Interview

A Left East interview with a brilliant and fearless political economist: “Our comrades from the Serbian Left-wing portal  spoke to Marxist political economist Leo Panitch (York University) during his stay in Belgrade. There he was a guest at the conference The Return of Utopia (BCS), organized by the Center for Political Emancipation. This is the first appearance of the interview in English. Its original publication in Serbian can be accessed here.”

WRISSApproaching Revision

A Lit Hub offering that shows, through the words of other establishe writers, the paths through the thickets of revision: ““Writing is rewriting,” says everyone all the time. But what they don’t say, necessarily, is how. Yesterday, Tor pointed me in the direction of this old blog post from Patrick Rothfuss—whose Kingkiller Chronicle is soon to be adapted for film and television by Lin-Manuel Miranda, in case you hadn’t heard—in which he describes, step-by-step, his revision process over a single night. Out of many, one assumes. It’s illuminating, and I wound up digging around on the Internet for more personal stories of editing strategies, investigating the revision processes of a number of celebrated contemporary writers of fantasy, realism, and young adult fiction. So in the interest of stealing from those who have succeeded, read on.



Aaron Swartz’ Writings: Review Essay

A New Republic review of the writings of one of recent history’s most tragic and heroic technology stars: “ The Boy’s editor has made the perplexing choice to fragment and scatter Swartz’s intellectual path. Skipping from Swartz as a 14-year-old to 21 to 17 makes it hard to track what ideas he’s absorbing and what he’s leaving behind. The collection doesn’t present Swartz as a thinker whose evolution is important for the rest of us to understand; it’s an elegiac project about a young man who had a good heart, unlimited potential, and wanted to help people. Except for the occasional reference to David Foster Wallace’s suicide a few years before Aaron’s, a reader who picked up the book might wonder what happened to him. “


A Political Economic Collision Ahead

An Ian Welsh post that sheds an important light on some of the conflicts between the Federal Reserve and the new administration: “The idea that the Federal Reserve should be able to sandbag the policy (“fiscal”) of elected representatives has always been anti-democratic, and bogus.  They work very closely to make sure the rich get richer, to bail out banks and ensure their profits, but despite “full employment” supposedly being part of their charter, they have defined full employment to mean “employment pressure which doesn’t lead to general increases in wages faster than inflation”.

GENISSPiketty: Neoclassical Paradigms on the Ropes

A Monthly Review piece that looks at the causes and cosequences of today’s various crises: “Not since the Great Depression of the 1930s has it been so apparent that the core capitalist economies are experiencing secular stagnation, characterized by slow growth, rising unemployment and underemployment, and idle productive capacity. Consequently, mainstream economics is finally beginning to recognize the economic stagnation tendency that has long been a focus in these pages, although it has yet to develop a coherent analysis of the phenomenon.1 Accompanying the long-term decline in the growth trend has been an extraordinary increase in economic inequality, which one of us labeled “The Great Inequality,” and which has recently been dramatized by the publication of French economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.2 Taken together, these two realities of deepening stagnation and growing inequality have created a severe crisis for orthodox (or neoclassical) economics. “