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From New York Times, as close to a ‘paper of record,’ at least for those who call themselves ‘liberal,’ as one is likely to find, a chilling account of the newest development in Dylann Roof’s murderous saga, his receiving a unanimous sentence of death for the killings that he perpetrated in order to promulgate a ‘race war,’ in the event an assessment from the Empire State that will resonate with any scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen who has the slightest proclivity to nod assent to the characterization of ‘liberalism,’ a perspective that in general rejects homicide to punish murderers, the principled alternative to which must appear some version of the Biblical imprecation that–tender mercies aside–a life must pay for a life, the upshot of which dialog must illuminate one thing if it touches on no other, to wit that young Mr. Roof comes from all of us, from our relations with each other and the wider world, and we cannot exorcise our own complicity by demonizing this absurd and pathetic young man, albeit a ferocious barbarian at the same time, as steeped in bigoted idiocy as deeply as he drips the blood that drenches his legacy, come what may, altogether a depth of feeling that this case cannot help but dredge up, in tune with another account of this breaking story from Vice News.

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Two thousand fifty-six years ago, in an act that imperial demagogues have echoed multiple times over the millennia since, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and signaled the end of the meager democracy of ‘republican’ Rome, in so doing, providing a metaphor for the ages; fifty-eight years on the road to here and now, in 9 CE, a similar and yet also markedly different imperial conflict unfolded as the transition to the Xin Dynasty unfolded with the popular claim of erstwhile rulers that the ‘mandates of Heaven’ favored their imprimatur; four hundred forty-two years in advance of today, Moldavian fighters helped to forestall early Ottoman attempts at extending Turkish rule into Europe with the defeat at Vaslui; two hundred fifty-three years back, the founder of one of Europe’s first ‘gentleman’s’ publications, Edward Cave, composed his final article; MORE HERE

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CC BY-SA by sludgegulper
CC BY-SA by sludgegulper

Since a most complete expression of infinity results from contemplating the information content of all that is, plus the limitless possible thoughts or contextualizations of all that empirical reality, to imagine that one might garner even an echo, a shadow, the merest sense of rubric of that entirety is laughable, absurd, fatuous: nevertheless, acknowledging this unimaginable legerdemain, the very core of the human prospect, or the project of consciousness, so to speak, remains precisely the impossible journey toward axioms and organizational protocols for comprehending the fathomless cosmos in all its ineffable, incomprehensible vastness.

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blackstar“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” David Bowie, 1977
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“The writer of this book was temporarily attached to the British Treasury during the war and was their official representative at the Paris Peace Conference up to June 7, 1919; he also sat as deputy for the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the Supreme Economic Council.  He resigned from these positions when it became evident that hope could no longer be entertained of substantial modification in the draft Terms of Peace.  The grounds of his objection to the Treaty, or rather to the whole policy of the Conference towards the economic problems of Europe, will appear in the following chapters. They are entirely of a public character, and are based on facts known to the whole world. MORE HERE from various selections, including a treatise on the legendary movie Metropolis

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

Though the notion of ever-jolly revolutionaries, able to speak honestly and accurately without rancor or bitterness, may seem at best implausible, a podcast from Global Research that evinces just such a disposition, in this case an extremely timely introduction to 2017 that reflects on the top censored, or generally ignored, key stories of 2016, a mandatory listening hour for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, who recognize that precisely the reification of spectacle and ‘entertainment’ as the core content of knowledge and understanding underlies the triumph of reactionary politics, forestalls engagement and participation of grassroots actors for their own lives, and guarantees that only ignorance will prevail in relation to the most important elements of the lives we lead and the crises we are navigating, in the overall environs of inane and hypocritical brouhaha about Russian ‘hacks’ and ‘faking’ news a useful, perhaps even central, contextualization of the social landscape, the political-economic background, the historical evolution of our present pass.

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Jean Baudrillard in SEP – https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/baudrillard/

Money, Labor, Capital in Grundrisse – https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1857/grundrisse/ch08.htm

Kellner on Mediated ‘Spectacular’ Triumph – https://pages.gseis.ucla.edu/faculty/kellner/papers/medculturespectacle.html



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For over 25 years, the Disney/ABC Writing Program has been lauded as one of the most successful writer programs in the entertainment industry. The one-year program is the only program of its kind sanctioned by the Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW). Writers become employees of Disney/ABC Television Group (DATG) and will be paid a weekly salary of $961.54 ($50,000 annualized) plus any applicable benefits for which they are eligible in accordance with the then-current Company benefits. The one-year program begins in February and ends in February of the following year. Opens to the public in May.


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‘Race’ Consciousness, Class Rebellion

A Roar interview with a courageous and vibrant comrade whose work addresses some of the key issues of the present time: “Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor has written the most important book of 2016. Published by Haymarket, From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation has struck a chord nationwide, garnering major awards but more importantly sparking necessary debates. Like all militant texts, it walks the fine line between Marx’s “ruthless critique of everything existing” — in this case, not only the white supremacist power structure, but also the abject failure of Black elites and the Obama “illusion” — and the revolutionary optimism coalescing in the streets from Ferguson to Baltimore and beyond. By showing us how we got here, to a society in which “colorblind” rhetoric provides cover for not only racist continuity but also the dispossession of the poor as a whole, Taylor’s book is a compass for charting a different course altogether. George Ciccariello-Maher interviews her for ROAR Magazine.”

WRISSDeForest’s ‘Great American Novel’ Essay

A Nation archive that looks at a critical, if dated essay that looks into the heart of what constitutes a Great American Novel and why apparently it had not occurred: “We may be confident that the Great American Poem will not be written, no matter what genius attempts it, until democracy, the idea of our day and nation and race, has agonized and conquered through centuries, and made its work secure.

  But the Great American Novel—the picture of the ordinary emotions and manners of American existence—the American “Newcomes” or “Miserables” will, we suppose, be possible earlier. “Is it time?” the benighted people in the earthen jars or commonplace life are asking. And with no intention of being disagreeable, but rather with sympathetic sorrow, we answer, “Wait.” At least we fear that such ought to be our answer.”


Trump Sold Out to Sachs

A Wall Street on Parade look at the conditions that had Trump  turn back on his most strident campaign promises even before taking office: “How did a candidate who repeatedly demonized Goldman Sachs as the poster child for a corrupt establishment that owned Washington end up with Goldman Sachs’ progeny filling every post that even tangentially has the odor of money or global finance? One answer is family ties; another may be something darker.”

GENISSKeynes’ Economic Consequences of the Peace

A Project Gutenberg posting of a seminal work that discusses events that directly inform various current political economic crises: “The proceedings of Paris all had this air of extraordinary importance and unimportance at the same time. The decisions seemed charged with consequences to the future of human society; yet the air whispered that the word was not flesh, that it was futile, insignificant, of no effect, dissociated from events; and one felt most strongly the impression, described by Tolstoy in War and Peace or by Hardy in The Dynasts, of events marching on to their fated conclusion uninfluenced and unaffected by the cerebrations of Statesmen in Council”