1.03.2017 Day in History

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Around the Christian world on this date, celebrants shout Hosannas for the tenth of Christmas’ dozen days, and on a more whimsical note, chocolatiers in the United States promote National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, while in revels of even wilder and more bizarre whimsicality, mostly naked men cavort with a nearly twenty pound ball in the freezing conditions of the Tamaseseri Festival; in the latter days of Rome’s stalwart rule of rich ‘republicans’, two thousand one hundred twenty-three years ago, the male infant bounced into the world who would grow up as the thinker and speaker and defender of Rome’s stab at ‘democracy,’ Cicero; four hundred ninety-four year ahead of today, the Church of Rome’s tenth Leo leader inaugurated a period of at least a couple of centuries of intra-Christian conflict and bloodletting with the excommunication of the gruff and principled, yet anti-clerical, Martin Luther; one hundred thirty-two years onward from that, in 1653, a somewhat similar internecine religious struggle unfolded as the Coonan Cross Oath caused the Subcontinent’s Eastern Church to sunder its ties with non-Indian Christians, including its Portuguese founders; ninety-six years of an entire century later, in 1749, a Danish publication began, the Berlingske, that remains that nation’s oldest regularly published newspaper; forty-four years onward from that point, in 1793, the little baby girl opened her eyes who would rise as the anti-slavery activist and early women’s rights organizer Lucretia Mott; twenty-two years subsequently, in 1815, across the wide Atlantic in one of the first instances of modern secret treaties that eventually led to war and carnage around the world, Austria, the United Kingdom, and France formed an aggregate to unite against any united action on the part of Russia and Prussia; back in North America, eight years past that instance Alamo_Entrance texasof scheming and subterfuge, in 1823, Steven F. Austin finagled a grant of much of the land that is now East Texas from the Mexican government, which hoped to develop both a tax base and a powerful set of alliances with Gringos; eighteen years past that propitious point for Lone Star aficionados, in 1841, another momentous, if socially smaller, embarkation transpired when Herman Melville departed for his work as a seaman in the South Pacific; seven years thereafter, in 1848, the United States model for repatriating former slaves and dominating African markets began its pathetic run as Joseph Jenkins Roberts, an American, took command of Liberia; a mere four years nearer to the here and now, in 1852, not quite half a world away in the Hawaiian Islands, the first ‘shipment’ of Chinese indentured servants arrived to work on the American-owned plantations, thereby solving both the need for ‘cheap labor’ and guaranteeing years-long oppression of these immigrants; nine years after that, in 1861, the political leaders of Delaware displayed a measure of rationality when they decided not to secede from the United States; seven additional years on the path to now, in 1868, nearly half a world away, the shogunate that resisted Western ‘influence’ gave its last gasp and the forces of industry and capital came to the fore as the Meiji Restoration; just short of two decades hence, in 1887, the female child first gazed about her who would grow up as the thinker and educator and activist originator of the Dalton Plan and Dalton School, Helen Parkhurst; a three hundred sixty-six day spin around the solar center beyond that, in 1888, the storied Lick Observatory deployed a ninety-one centimeter telescope atop California’s Mount Hamilton that was the world’s largest eye-on-the-sky at that time; four years still more proximate to the present pass, in 1892, a male child entered our midst en route to a life as the language expert and

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masterful storyteller J. R. R. Tolkien; a hundred and six years back, the acclaimed writer and storytelling genius of various Greek dialects, Alexandros Papadiamantis, composed his final page; another six year span on the way to today, in 1917, the trial started that railroaded labor organizer Tom Mooney to twenty-two years in prison for a bombing that he had zero to do with, and the baby boy was born who would become Roger William Straus, Jr., part of the publishing triumvirate that incorporated Farrar, Straus, and Giroux; seven hundred thirty days henceforth, in 1919, the darling of British Petroleum and English imperialism, Emir Faisal I of Iraq, affirmed at the Versailles Peace Conference the Zionist project when he signed an accord with Chaim Weizmann, validating the Jewish Settler Project in Palestine; half dozen years past that conjunction of capital, in 1925, Benito Mussolini announced a counterpoint with his consolidating executive and legislative authority in himself in fascist Italy; a thousand four hundred sixty-one days yet later on, in 1929, an Italian event at once more hopeful and more entertaining transpired with the birth of the male infant who would become the noted filmmaker and screenwriter Sergio Leone; back in the United States, two years after that blessed entry, in 1931, hundreds of black and white Arkansas farmers joined together to demand food for their hungry families, a demand which the authorities honored, given that these agriculturalists were willing to take what they needed by force, if necessary; the very next year, in 1932, United States backed enforcers in Honduras, declared martial law, and got away with murder in protecting United Fruit properties against unemployed and laid-off banana workers; thirteen years further along, in 1945, the noted psychic and writer Edgar Cayce exited his trek through the Terran plain, as it were; seven hundred thirty days subsequent to that, in 1947, U.S. Congressional proceedings for the first time appeared as part of a televised broadcast; a farther two years down the pike, in 1949, the U.S. Supreme Court played its familiar role of crushing union organizing potential by striking down a purported ‘solemn’ contractual agreement on the part of capital and labor to accept an exclusively union workplace, or “closed shop;” a thousand four hundred and sixty one days even closer to the current context, in 1953, a mother and son from Cleveland’s Bolton family became the first mother and son to serve as members of the U.S. Congress; a further four years afterward, in 1957, the Hamilton Watch

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Company brought to market the world’s first electric, wearable timepieces; four years still more proximate to the present pass, in 1961, the United States retaliated against Cuba’s program of owning itself by severing diplomatic ties, and a grotesque experimental nuclear reactor accident in Idaho became the only incident that killed people immediately and involved the use of fission to produce electricity, while roughly eight thousand miles Southeast, an agricultural worker protest and its harsh repression resulted in an uprising that formed the basis for an actual Angolan War of Independence; a single standard solar cycle onward toward today, in 1962, a twenty-third Pope by the name of John seemed to follow the U.S.’s cue, excommunicating Cuban leader Fidel Castro from the Catholic Church; in a slightly different outburst of imperial conflict three years more on time’s arc to now and beyond, in 1965, protestors from many parts of Southern Vietnam rose up to demonstrate against Washington’s puppets and in favor of the Viet Minh communists; an additional two years in the direction of this precise instant, in 1967, the mafia-linked strip club owner who quite conveniently shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald also expediently died of cancer prior to the beginning of his second trial for that murder; eight years after that passing away, in 1975,a member of the Vienna Circle, philosopher and nearly ninety-five mac-Apple_Lisa computeryear old thinker Victor Kraft, breathed his last; two years more en route to today, in 1977, Steve Jobs and others incorporated Apple Computer in California; four years still later, in 1981, two American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations representatives, who were assisting with union development and social justice in El Salvador, died in a savage assassination by CIA-and-U.S.-Government-backed death squads; also in Central America’s maelstrom of imperial plotting and murder, nine years beyond that juncture, in 1990, CIA asset, drug-runner, and storied mercurial politician and schemer Manuel Noriega, formally surrendered to the forces of the U.S. Invasion of Panama; three years in even greater proximity to our present point in space and time, in 1993, George Herbert Walker Bush and Russian Federation leader Boris Yeltsin affixed signatures to a second Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty; a further year on time’s relentless march toward a present intersection, in 1994, upwards of seven million ‘Homelands’ residents became citizens of South Africa itself as the Apartheid hoax continued to wither away in the country; a decade and a half onward from that occasion, in 2009, the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto claimed credit for the so-called ‘Genesis’ link in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin’s blockchain technology; a further five years forward toward today, in 2014, the economics scholar, storyteller, and popularizer George Goodman gave a final bow; the very next year, in 1915, fundamentalist and terrorist organization and ‘intelligence asset’ Boko Haram oversaw the razing of the town of Baga in Northeastern Nigeria, killing as many as two thousand civilians or more.