1.03.2017 Daily Links

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In a flurry of outrageous and contradictory developments that ought to fascinate scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, a report from The Guardian about House of Representatives’ Republicans abortive attempt to do away with that body’s independent ethics panel, a move that caused a predictable hue and cry among Democrats and ‘good government’ aficionados, but that also elicited a strong rebuke from the GOP’s erstwhile standard bearer, Donald Trump, who in the meantime has designated two additional reactionary insiders to positions of authority, the designation of Robert Lighthizer as Trade Representative of possible particular note.

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Around the Christian world on this date, celebrants shout Hosannas for the tenth of Christmas’ dozen days, and on a more whimsical note, chocolatiers in the United States promote National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, while in revels of even wilder and more bizarre whimsicality, mostly naked men cavort with a nearly twenty pound ball in the freezing conditions of the Tamaseseri Festival; in the latter days of Rome’s stalwart rule of rich ‘republicans’, two thousand one hundred twenty-three years ago, the male infant bounced into the world who would grow up as the thinker and speaker and defender of Rome’s stab at ‘democracy,’ Cicero; four hundred ninety-four year ahead of today, the Church of Rome’s tenth Leo leader inaugurated a period of at least a couple of centuries of intra-Christian conflict and bloodletting with the excommunication of the gruff and principled, yet anti-clerical, Martin Luther; MORE HERE

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brain head mental psychology creativity inquiyBeyond merely thinking the unthinkable, the essence of ‘rational establishment policy’ today more and more resembles an enormous, intricate process of actuating mass collective suicide even as the ‘rationality’ of such a move could never rate a ranking higher than a criminalized insanity that sought to serve ruling social classes as its standard operating procedure, a dynamic that, unfortunately or not, actually has become emblematic of governmental and corporate action everywhere that capital’s imprimatur is more or less absolute, for example in the ‘indispensable nation’ that holds itself out as the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ simultaneously as its erstwhile leaders and experts stand reason on its head and bring to the fore the madness of profiteering past many a point of no return.

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“The group is divided into two: Land Team, consisting of famers and the Sea Team, which consists of fishermen. According to the Japanese, whether the year will bring a rich harvest/catch will be determined by which team gets the ball and hands it to the Shinto priest. The Tamaseseri festival is one of the three main festivals of Kyushu and dates back 500 years. Historians also said that it originated from the legend of the dragon god (ryujin) offering two balls to Empress Jingu.” From GaijinPot, on the Tamaseseri Festival
                   Doc of the Day                      
“There is a vast literature on who supported the Nazis, but relatively little on whom the Nazis supported after they came to power. This is in keeping with the tendency of conventional scholarship to avoid the entire subject of capitalism whenever something unfavorable might be said about it. Whose interests did Mussolini and Hitler support? MORE from Blackshirts & Reds: Rational Fascism & the Overthrow of Communism, by Michael Parenti

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

From the estimable and diligent producers at Newsbud, an astounding example of real news from The Geopolitical Report, in the event a slightly-under-twenty-minute installment of critical import for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, a historical tour of Syrian history that shows how deeply rooted are imperial and Central Intelligence Agency depredations against that land, all of which occurs in the context of an ongoing corporate ‘Fake News’ mediation that makes of the butchers and thugs whom ‘intelligence’ has recruited, funded, and trained something akin to heroes engaged in a ‘civil war’ against a ‘dictator,’ instead of recognizing that these denizens of terror have only been engaging in plotting coups and skullduggery at the behest of NATO’s and America’s plutocrats.

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From Sunday’s and Monday’s Files

A Demonetization Update

India Cash Ban Could Get Worse: “We Don’t Even Have Enough Money to Buy Food”

Plans to Conquer Russia – http://www.blacklistednews.com/Eric_Zuesse%3A_America%E2%80%99s_Secret_Planned_Conquest_Of_Russia/56090/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Nobel 1907 Presentation About Kipling – https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1907/press.html






After a three year intermission, Versal returns to print in June 2017.

During those three years, we began to produce the world’s first live literary magazine, VERSO /, curating original, themed issues with performances and readings for our local community here in Amsterdam. In our print return, Versal renders VERSO / onto the page. Works from featured VERSO / contributors will interact with works from an open call that reaches beyond our local geography.


Freelance Writers Needed for Website (Flagstaff/Sedona area) 

compensation: $35-$100 per story
employment type: contract

Looking for Flagstaff and Sedona professional writers to contribute feature stories to a new website covering the Northern Arizona region. We need examples of your work before considering you as a potential contributor. Ongoing assignments may be available. Specific areas of interest/expertise may give you an advantage. Please contact us via email or text ONLY. Thank you.


To Curb Dissent, Attack Retirement Benefits

An Op Ed News article by a writer looking out for readers’ personal interests: “Now under the Obama administration, the latest effort to silence dissent, for those of you 62 or older, is someone in the government falsifying jail records to show that you were in jail/confinement for more than 30 days and sending the records to the Social Security Administration. SSA will then stop your monthly Social Security check and will send you a letter stating that you must repay back months of payments for the time you were allegedly in jail — in my case $4,273.60.”

WRISSThe Marvels of Poetry

A Poetry Foundation look at the ineffable beauty of poetry, which brings about deep emotions and close to spiritual experiences: “I will never understand why more people don’t appreciate poetry. 
Even when I am confounded by a poem, my world is changed in some way. Poetry makes me think more carefully about the lyricism and the language I use in my prose. It helps give shape to my writing, helps me bring the reader to the heart of what I want to say. Poetry gives me the strength of conviction to take chances in my writing, to allow myself to be vulnerable.”


More WaPo Russian-Hack Fakery

A Consortium News look at more developments in the Russian hack scandal, and the foolish media outlets that perpetuate the story: “The Washington Post’s latest folly – falsely reporting a Russian “hack” into Vermont’s electric grid – reflects the paper’s steep decline from the days of Watergate, reports ex-British intelligence officer Annie Machon”

The Timing of Obama-Netanyahu Fracas

A Mondo Weiss look at recent explosive events in Israel, in relation to timing and  business-as-usual politics: “As Elise Labott said last night on CNN, Obama did not push the settlements/Palestinian state issue before the election out of deference to Hillary Clinton. Labott was saying, without saying it, that Clinton was so dependent on the Jewish establishment and large Jewish donors, that she could not “undermine [the] party’s fundraising capabilities” (as the National Journal says) by saying a word against Israel. Today on NPR Daoud Kuttab said very much the same thing: that presidents take these actions in their last months when they are freed of “domestic, political, lobbying” pressures. This is a central truth of our politics that ought to be explored. But NPR promptly brought on Aaron David Miller to refute it; Miller said it was a “myth” that lobbying affects US policy.”

GENISSAnalyzing Tolkien With Marxist Lenses

A blog post that discusses the similarities and analogies between the works of the great thinker and the great storyteller: “The writings of J.R.R.Tolkien might seem a somewhat unusual subject for Marxist analysis, and indeed for me. I usually write about visual art or politics rather than literature and when Marxists write about literature they are more likely to focus on issues of method, or on figures from the canon of high culture – Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolstoy etc – or modernism – Kafka, Joyce. Beckett – or with avowed radical politics – Gorky, Brecht, O’Casey, Steinbeck etc. Tolkien fits none of these categories. Indeed he is a writer to whom many Marxists would take an instant dislike, who some would decline to read altogether (as not serious literature) or who, if they did like him, they might be slightly shame -faced about, almost as if they had a private taste for James Bond or Mills and Boon, for if Tolkien is not pulp fiction, he is not quite regarded as high culture either.”