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The scholarly effort of nearly a dozen German, Central European, and Russian scholars at Berlin’s Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, a manifesto for a shared future among European and Russian peoples, a proposition much more attuned to most European peoples’ sensibilities, despite the opposition of imperial Washington and its creatures in much of European government and business, in the event a set of perspectives that match a just-released appeal to both Russian and China, from Andre Vltchek in Information Clearinghouse, an imprecation that begs for assistance for the benighted government of Venezuela, both prey to its own miscues and in the crosshairs of a vendetta orchestrated from Gringolandia.

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The United States on this date celebrates Flag Day, while Armenia commemorates Day of Memory for Repressed People, and people around the planet mark World Blood Donors Day; in China, in a particularly complex Chinese development,  seven hundred and forty years ago,  Song Dynasty leaders, in retreat from advancing Mongol forces, held the coronation for a new young emperor; just shy of two decades subsequently, in 1285, the Second Mongol Invasion of Vietnam resulted in a crushing defeat of Mongolian navies; just seven hundred thirty days onward in space and time, in 1287, Mongol emperor Kublai Khan, at the other side of his extensive empire, consolidated rule by defeating more ‘traditionalist’ Mongolian interlopers with his newly more ‘Sinofied’ approach; just half a dozen years less than a century later, in 1381 halfway round the planet in jolly England, a second King Richard stooped to meeting with leaders of the Peasants’ Revolt while rebels swarmed over the Tower of London without resistance; more or less precisely twenty-three years hence, in 1404, the insurgency in Wales under the leadership of Owain Glendwr formally allied with France against England; more here 

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A citizen no more needs expertise to understand and participate in discussion and policy-making than a soccer player needs World Cup bona fides to know and play the game of futbol: what is essential, mentally for the denizen of democratic engagement, physically for the team member who would contribute and thrive on the pitch, is enough discipline really to practice and persistence at least partially to learn the subject or terrain at hand, which could be water management, nuclear waste, public health, geopolitical matters surrounding Ukraine, agricultural science, or baseball–in fact, the consignment to passivity and spectating serves at least two nefarious purposes, first, in disallowing the exercise, at once strengthening and essential to basic functioning, of capacity in relation to whatever mental or athletic realm is in question, and second, guaranteeing that, invariably, those who claim to have or control or otherwise manage the specialized proficiency at issue will sell or impose or otherwise mandate how everybody else will relate to these matters, at best an emasculating and at worst a lethal way of conducting our lives and building our societies.

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“I am opposed to this war not only because I think it is morally and legally wrong, but because I think it is destroying the good name and leadership of the United States.  Furthermore, I believe that the war is militarily unwinnable.
         If we should succeed in bombing the Vietnamese to rubble we will only find ourselves facing the Chinese.  I believe that thousands of American young men are being asked to die to save Lyndon Johnson’s face.  He must know by now that this war is unwinnable, but he does not know how to give up.  more here

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SEARCHDAYcapitalism "periodic crisis" OR depression OR collapse war "sole alternative" OR "only way out" OR "inevitable result" OR "sine qua non" OR "standard response" OR "natural outcome" history OR origins analysis OR explication OR research = 1,630,000 Connections.

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https://www.popularresistance.org/what-actually-happens-at-worlds-most-secretive-gathering-of-global-elites/ – A premise, were a scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen to imagine it as the initiation of a ‘thriller,’ that would cause a sheepish grin, perhaps a blush–that planetary elites could meet in plain view and yet have the entire affair an open secret about which only attendees knew much–and yet an apt description of the underlying facts of human life right now in relation to all sorts of such goings-on, most recently the annual congress of the Bilderberg Group, which, just as the organs of ‘our’ establishment press–of which not a single obvious one of which so much as uttered MORE HERE

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http://interactive.aljazeera.com/aje/2015/BanishedNepal/index.html?utm_source=Al+Jazeera+English+Newsletter+%7C+Weekly&utm_campaign=e42d0b6e7c-weekly_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e427298a68-e42d0b6e7c-225473293#16173 – An easy-enough-to-dismiss multimedia presentation from Al Jazeera that examines a practice that is rare–forcing menstruating women into temporary exile till they quit bleeding–but which neither the intelligent scrappy scribe nor the wise stalwart citizen will ignore since it reflects, in regard to women’s monthly cycles, deep seated and sometimes practically ubiquitous taboos or shaming that cannot be adaptive for human thriving, since demonizing or otherwise abnegating our bodies inherently degrades, defiles, and ultimately corrupts our lives, which inevitably transpire in the physical realm of animals whose female members occasionally, necessarily, and imperatively shed blood on a regular basis.


student writing arm


Green Mountain Writer’s Conference

Chittenden, Vermont
Event Date: June 27, 2016
E-mail address: yvonnedaley@me.com

The 19th annual Green Mountain Writers Conference will be held from June 27 to July 1 at the lakeside Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont, located in the Green Mountain National Forest eight miles northeast of Rutland. The program features workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as one-on-one consultations, lectures, publishing discussions, and readings.


The Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund program supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote Australia. The Regional Arts Fund is managed in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria and is delivered in two main categories, Project Grants and Quick Response Grants. Project Grants of up to AU$15,000 are available for projects that involve regional artists, have a public outcome and significantly engage the community in which the project is based. Project Grants are available in two rounds per year. Quick Response grants of up to AU$1,500 for individuals and $3,000 for organisations are available throughout the year.


Purpose to assist professional writers to complete book-length works of literary merit. Ontario-based professional writers may apply for support for the continuation of new work in poetry or prose. Graphic novels and other comic arts projects will be received at a separate deadline of December 1, 2016. Please see Writers’ Works in Progress – Comic Arts for the guidelines and application. Deadline Dates June 15 and October 18, 2016.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


The Source Weekly has an immediate opening for an Editor

Move to beautiful Bend, Oregon and steer the destiny of its finest publication. This position requires someone with a vision for community newspapers both online and in print and the ability to elucidate that vision through the work of a supporting stable of writers. Requires some writing, as well as overseeing story assignments, maintaining deadlines and shepherding the editorial flow.

Writer/Editor (Jessup) hide this posting Baltimore MD

compensation: $40,000 – depends on experience
employment type: full-time

Small electronics manufacturer is seeking a Writer/Editor to provide writing, editing and proofreading of press releases, news updates and website content updates along with organizational experience and creative input to support the company’s overall marketing plan.


Propaganda of War

A Global Research Centre post by incisive commentators that looks at how close to total war we have come thanks to media propaganda machines: “One of the main objectives of war propaganda is to “fabricate an enemy”. As the political legitimacy of the Obama Administration falters, doubts regarding the existence of this “outside enemy”, namely Al Qaeda and its network of (CIA sponsored) affiliates  must be dispelled.”




A Profound Dystopic Thinker With Faith in Science

A Spiked Review article that examines the work and influence of one of the most iconic science fiction writers of all time: “The discrepancy between Bradbury the ethereal prophet of the future, and the Bradbury who depicted calamity and doom, may be explained twofold. First of all, he was as much a horror writer as an author of science fiction; like Mary Shelley, he brought the Gothic into the near-now. The stories contained in The Illustrated Man can’t but help to arouse comparisons to MR James or Philip K Dick at his most paranoid.”


Producing Knowledge

A PND blog post that looks at efforts to remedy a lack of apropriate sharing of knowledge-producing work: “This week we are relaunching the IssueLab platform to address the problem head on. While the redesign has given us an opportunity to rework the platform’s technology in a way that will enable us to more efficiently scale our efforts in the years to come, one of the most important things to come out of the process has been a much-needed reminder of how and why researchers, nonprofits, and funders use the site.”



Who Benefits from Massacre?

An Op Ed piece that explores underlying issues, motivations, and triggers for the horrific shooting in Orlando: “A twist in the Orlando shooting is that it took place at a gay nightclub. In recent years, gay and transgender rights have been forefronted by our ruling class and its attendant media. This maneuver is meant to get American citizens to rage at each other. Distract, divide and rule. With gay marriage accepted, our rulers came up with another wedge in the transgender bathroom access issue. As we argue who gets to defecate where, our ruling class will continue to crap over all of us.”



Laying a Great Man to Rest

A Salon article that looks at the memorial in the home city of the champion and human rights advocate: “Louisville can say this: We made Muhammad Ali. Louisville can say that with pride for his immense accomplishments and personal integrity and status as a symbol of justice and peace in the world. And Louisville, as part of an unjust country that has done its best to brutally de-personalize black men, women and children for centuries, can also say that with regret. We created the forces Ali had to fight against, without which he would have maybe just been a really great athlete, father, husband, philanthropist and friend.”